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There is no fee or initial product order required to become a Member with NHT Global. As you proceed through the application process you will be given two enrollment options from which to choose.

There is no cost to enroll as a Business Builder with NHT Global. Upon enrollment, you will  receive your NHT Global website, an online store to sell your product, plus unlimited access to NHT Office, your backoffice management support center for 12 months. Enrolling as a Business Builder allows you to maximize your earning potential within the NHT Global Compensation Plan and there are four levels of Business Builder enrollment to choose from – Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze.

As an NHT Global Preferred Customer you are able to purchase product at discount preferred pricing (25% discount) for a 6-month period of time directly from NHT Global online. Preferred customers do not earn commissions themselves, nor are they allowed to retail product or enroll new Preferred Customers or Business builders.

Once you have chosen your enrollment option and completed the application process, you will be able to purchase products from NHT Global. For Business Builder this will set up your RBC* (Retail Business Center) within our Two-Team Infinity Compensation System and you can now begin building your business and purchasing and consuming products. As a Preferred Customer, you will advance to the order page so you can select the products you wish to consume.

    You may contact us for any queries and support to start this business.

    If your country is not listed in enrollment page, then there is opportunity to become pioneer in your country. NHT Global provides opportunity to open new markets. Please contact us today and we will help you to get started.

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